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Originally Posted by D3athScythe
Lets say it was released (US ver) and I am to buy the game,
but I never played KH1, would I understand the story? lolz -_-
maybe I could just read about the story of the first one somewhere ^_^
Don't feel like buying the first one
Well, you'll definitely be confused by certain aspects of the game if you decide to skip the first one, since KHII is a [somewhat] direct sequel to KH (in a manner of speaking...KH: CoM is the direct sequel, but you don't have to have played CoM to be able to enjoy KHII apparently). You could just read about the stuff off some fansites, and it'll probably give you enough to go on that you can play KHII without a perpetual question mark above your head as to what's going on, but imho, nothing can replace playing through the game yourself and watching the plot unfold.

And yeah, the intro is amazing. I've watched it a good dozen times already probably (at least)...and I'll probably be watching it more and more as the release date creeps closer. I just recently got KH: CoM for $29.99 CDN, so it's a pretty decent price. Still not that far into it due to work (fansubbing). Hopefully I can finish it before KHII comes out, lol.
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