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Originally Posted by daliinn
Did anyone notice how Lance Bass from N'Sync did the voice acting for sephiroth? first of all, Lance Bass' voice does not match sephiroth one bit. Second of all, why would someone pay a big celebrity to do like 2 lines total? i mean sephiroth doesn't really say much at all other than "ugh"
And why are you judging Lance Bass after only "ughs"? I don't even know what's the big deal with Bass doing the voice anyways. You're just hating on him because he was from N' Sync. You don't even know how much he was paid for doing the voice acting. They could easily payed the guy that does Brock's voice on Pokemon. And you wouldn't know his name and could care less.

Just because he was in N' Sync doesn't mean he's not a good voice actor. Look at Mark Hammil. He played Joker to perfection in Batman's animated series.
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