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Originally Posted by Sterling01 View Post
Can anyone tell me what this is about
Looks like a going-to-be-vaporware project of visual novel about possibility of "What if K1 remained in his school and CA members came to K1's?"
As such, apparently Keiichi keeps his feckless personality of pre-Hinamizawa, but he gets strange feeling when he see Rena and Mion for the "first time".
Well... am I the only one that think, that the "original character" would be Tanashi Miyoko?

Currently, only a CG collections of such situation was released at an event so far, and that supposedly was the end of it.
However, as website owner had many people asking about that, they may do something... well, such a candidate for vaporware, imo

Oh wait, she says むぅ... she's Satoshi

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