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Weeeell, this is the best I can offer, but I'll give it a shot anyways.


In the past few days, I have begun collaborating with Kha and Keroko on the opening stages of my very own version of Kerokanon starring Iris as the Keroko-equivalent. The reason why I announce this now is because one of the most important parts of this canon is the systematic destruction of all Hayate-shafting in canon, beginning with her status as a glass cannon and ending with her taking center stage in the storyline, along with Iris.

Current plans have Iris showing up in Uminari during the S1-S2 timeskip, encountering Hayate and the Wolks by chance, and ganging up on Nanoha and Fate with them during A's. Expect her to clash numerous times with Chrono for the sake of balance in the 'duel' scenario. Following A's, Hayate's enhanced control over her powers enables her to take part in missions with the other Aces instead of being relegated to a support role. This will have numerous very significant impacts on the course of the A's-StrikerS timeskip, eventually turning the entire canon inside out and upside down with the introduction of a few new OCs in addition to Iris. Expect to see some of my other OCs (such as a revamped and rebalanced Zero) have roles to play in this story at some point.

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