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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
Or a more extreme take on this ho so common anime trope.
Vivio took the title from Fate, LOL

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Dude itís a mad science lab itís gotta have green slime! Its right next to the Tesla coil and brain jars.
Does that include Yuri's brain?

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
No acutally I got a grant from the Institute of Unnecessary Overkill this is more a test run for the army of clones I'm going to use to pilot them.
Ah, I see I see

Originally Posted by Fenris Blacwell View Post
Speaking of, why was the TSAB run by brains in jars? That just seems kind of....lacking.
Not run...more like watched over and manipulated from in the shadows. It's more like they used their power to manipulate events to their whim like by gaining the trust of those in power. A bit like SEELE...though they used Sound-Only floating monitors rather than ominous black monoliths

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Name starts with K... Melees quite a bit with some ranged ability... Pretty well balanced spell loadout... Not only does she resemble Keroko, she also has elements of Kha in it.

In fact... It resembles both Kha and Keroko... Karu lost both her parents... Masaka!

*runs around screaming in Khrack*

Looks like she has a bit in common with my two OCs, too . Both lost their parents though in a more...brutal way. Shamsel just doesn't remember what happened after the incident

Shamsel: What does that have to do with anything?

Evangeline: *shrug*

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Kha and Keroko's illegimate child that was forgotten?

Though Keroko forgetting she has a child fails to compute, this Khrack is powerfull...
...silly khrack


It's still 06/03 here . But what the hell:


*hands Hayate a present*

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