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Originally Posted by Raging Heart View Post
i need a help in fiction i am writing i am doing on it a crossover with an anime, i have two anime: Strawberry panic and Kannazuki No Miko which one to choose, i don't know.

and well i did choose a title for my fiction: Fire Emblem Seal.

yep Nanoha, Karu, Keroko, Fate, Hayate will have to dea wth Fire Emblem Seal.
Well, I've seen a few episodes of the first, but not the second, so I can't really help you here.

Originally Posted by ShiniIllumi View Post
*peeks in and blinks* *looks around shyly* I've been sent here... to post my characters.

They're from a fanfic I'm writing in the Fanfic Thread... but I think it's time I posted info about them so they aren't so random.

*plays with her shirt* T_T please go easy on me !

Spoiler for Suki Motomiya:
Well, without the spoilers there is little we can say. So far I see nothing wrong. A tomboyish girl who loves PE, whats not to like?
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