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Originally Posted by WONDERMIKE View Post
Tessai should have more skill than Hachi, who already showed us the 99er bakudo spell, now we can only assume wether or not Aizen would have been able to stand up against the 90ies range but remember the hado 90 troubled him a bit, even 100 yrs after that scene. Seems like Aizen was lucky Tessai underestimated him.

One translation labeled the 81 bakudo as forbidden, others didn't, has this been clarified already?
Yea man Tessai def should have used a 90+ Hado. But if he had maybe Aizen would have died and there goes the antagonist for the manga. Is it me or is Gin a cooler villain than Aizen. Look how badass he was as a kid. I wonder how crazy Aizen was when he was younger. He probably had the reaitsu of a captain by age 6 But anyway Tessai is still the man. Hey Mike thanks for my dancing avatar!
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