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I could read this for weeks and not finish. Let me be up front and say I am from the Ranka camp. Sheryl is completely unappealing to me personally because I didn't get to see her climb to fame. It makes it harder to connect with a character, for me anyway. Plus Ranka is super cute and wears her heart on her sleeve.
I also think Sheryl didn't do all those mambo jumbos the way Ranka did them. What's sure is that, Grace & co made her the Galactic fairy so she'll appeal to Frontier. If Sheryl isn't a mechanically engineered humanoid and is really all natural, she may have just been picked up on the street by Grace and made her become the Galactic Fairy. I find this less likely since the Galaxy sounded like she's supposed to function like Ranka. She can't be a normal human if she were to be like that. The crazed look on Sheryl's face at the thought of Ranka stealing her stardom is disturbing. It's like, she'll fall apart if she can't be Sheryl Nome the idol. Looks like people are wrong when they think Sheryl will just gladly settle down with Alto and leave her stardom to Ranka lol

Originally Posted by Jnag View Post
I don't really have any speculation for how things will pair up but I would be much more interested in a story that built on rankas feelings and Altos unwillingness to accept or be ruled by his. Anything with sheryl just seems too "Idol's new boy-toy" to me.
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