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Originally Posted by Darial View Post
That's why no matter how impressed I am with Ranka's character growth over the last 15 episodes, I don't think she's suitable for a romantic relationship yet.
As of yet, i don't see Alto thinking of Ranka in that way. Not to say that can't happen, and it probably will just to piss me off (yes i want Alto x Sheryl ending), but upto now he's mostly being caring for her as a close friend. Now if you wanna look really into that, then yes you could say Alto is doing it out of strong feelings for Ranka, though i don't believe that to be true at this point in the series.

He's shown some what of an interest in Sheryl. I just hope because that Sheryl started out in the lead at the start means she won't win. If it's going to end with Ranka x Alto, then i want it to be believable.
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