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No, "taking the production seriously" wasn't meant that it should be more like AzuDa or any so-called archetype, just that there were a number of aspects of production which had me wondering about their intent in bringing L*S to the screen. It seemed a conflicting mixed bag of intent considering how much wasn't actually "Lucky*Star".
What kind of intent should they have?

On a separate note, thought experiment for people: Imagine being an adult and wandering around in a park, zoo, or museum. You see a heart-splittingly cute junior high school girl and would like to take her picture to cherish the memory. You think it marvelous that such things exist in the world. Are you a lolicon or pedophile?
Or perhaps someone who just appreciates "cute"....?
If I was on Family Feud, I'll say Creepy. And I'm confident I'll get a lot of points.
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