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While I agree that Soujirou is harmless, and I may have even prefered to have a father like him to the one that I do have, I really do find some of his activities creepy.

I know a lot of it stems from missing his wife. I think a lot of it is just the way he is too. He did basically admit that he's lolicon in one episode, though I can't remember which.

I'm a girl. I know that if I were still in high school and I spotted a middle aged man taking numerous very enthusiastic snapshots of myself and my friends in our gym clothes at a sports fest (especially if none of us were his children), I would feel creeped out, uncomfortable, and I would want him to leave. I guess the point is arguable, but imagining myself as a subject in one of his escapades makes me shudder a little.

Rather reminds me of when my 20-something aged son and I go out and about.
Far too frequently, people first assume he's my 'boy-toy' and we're out on a date.

I guess that's "creepy" too.... :P
Now that is just wrong. Who would think that before father and son? Retards.
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