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Interesting episode, and it looks like we're seeing the foundations of the Gilgamesh-Kotomine relationship that was central to Fate/Stay Night (wtf does that name mean?). I found Caster's bit a little boring, but everything else was top notch. I like that we are getting to see how Kotomine positioned himself as the big bad down the road, as I am fuzzy on that department personally (I played the original Fate routes on visual novel, but never Fate/zero). You can also see how Emiya is the kind of person who would save Shirou, as even though he's willing to inflict great damage for his goals he still has empathy. I wonder if they will show him saving Shirou in this series, I believe that he became caught in the fire during this grail war, but am not entirely sure.

I'm still curious as to how some of these heavy hitter servants will be eliminated. I'm guessing assassination of masters will definitely be involved with Emiya, as I can't imagine all of these servants being defeated conventionally. I'm also intrigued by the 'new assassin' spawn and how he will factor in. He's probably the least interesting hero, but may be the greatest threat to Emiya's style of combat from the shadows.
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