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Originally Posted by hoarfrost View Post
There's plenty of detail here if you are willing to look between the lines. We see "magus killer" Emiya Kiritsugu, known to resort to terrorist actions to kill his targets, set off a fire alarm to evacuate a building before demolishing it in a way that it implodes in rather than collapsing outward, minimizing casualties. Even still, we see him get distracted several times by families with children. He could certainly have increased his chances of successfully killing Kayneth by destroying the building with no prior warning. He asks Maiya to withdraw rather than wait to confirm the body and intervenes to rescue her even though it gives away his existence to whomever she was engaging, rather than letting her be killed.
Now if I remember right. At the very first episode, Kiritsugu bombed a plane that had his target onboard. He definitely did get people in the process since it would be too simple to spot otherwise, so does that mean that he has softened up?
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