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Good episode. I couldn't help but smile when seeing Irisviel at the wheel.

On the bit of Caster and Ryuunosuke, it looks like they've censored it by cutting "that scene" out; I actually prefer this method instead of blackening parts of the scene or pixels, it looks 'cleaner' in my opinion.

Sola's voice actor suits perfectly, and it was fun to see Kayneth getting trolled. Also, the Gilgamesh-Kirei conversation is definitely one of the highlights of the episode, where Kirei reveals his truest thoughts about his involvements in the war to Gilgamesh, the philosopher in, in the words of Endless Twilight,

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fabulous pants
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Even I didn't think that they would make Waver into such a gag character in every single scene. It's really gotten to the point where I find him detracting from the atmosphere.
I have to agree. Waver is pretty much 2D at Rider's side. =/ I hope that they would develop his character during the upcoming episodes.
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