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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
On another note I am getting really tired of seeing people say if they use the diary as a fate transfer it will be a Deus ex machina (and I've been seeing it everywhere)

Now I am not saying this is how the series will end or even my preferred end but it's not a deus ex machina because

1) We have known what the diary could do for awhile so it does not come out of nowhere. There is nothing contrived about it.

2) Use of the diary requires some type of payment/sacrifice, so even if it is used something will be lost. Hence it's not really a magical fix everything.
I agree with you here. Use of the diary would hardly be something out of left field, and should take nobody by surprise. To me, a true deus ex machina ending is one that comes entirely out of left field.

In fact, there was a recent and prominent anime that had an ending driven by the use of a well-established self-sacrificial magical means of sorts (Kazu-kun probably knows what I'm referring to here ). Ringo and/or Shouma trying to set things right through the use of Momoka's Diary would be very comparable to that, imo. Mawaru Penguin Drum could certainly have worse company in that regard.

Right now, I can see two likely but different directions for Ikuhara to go in with this story (there no doubt are other possible directions, but I myself don't personally see them). Those two different directions are:

1. Ringo and/or Shouma use Momoka's diary to try to set things right. If this happens, anything and everything is possible.

2. The diary is never used. Perhaps Sanetoshi succeeds in having half of it destroyed, but for whatever reason, the diary is never used. Himari dies and stays dead this time. Kanba ultimately gets killed and/or captured by the police. If Kanba survives, we'll likely see Kanba and Shouma making up. In any event, Shouma and Ringo start a new family together (this would satisfy shippers while also tying back into Ikuhara's family focus). A very bittersweet ending.
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