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Originally Posted by Setsuryuu View Post
And if Shouma end up Sanetoshi's son who got send by mail to the Takakura in the next episode I'm not surprised. xD
We know that Chiemi gave birth to someone on the day of the attack. Unless the kid died and Shouma took its place, I think Sho must be their real child.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I love Shouma but yeah I am definitely disappointed how long it took for them to do anything with him in the present storyline. It doesn't help that the last chapter of the 2nd novel made me think things would change for Shouma sooner (maybe they will in the novels).
At this point I wonder if Ikuhara's going for a genderflipped fairytale where Ringo's the prince and Sho's the princess.

Masako was just awesome and I pray she is not dead.
We cut away before the gunfire and didn't see a body. Given the way Tabuki's stabbing played out, I think there's a good chance she'll survive. But then again, there was a lot of gunfire, so the Tokyo police will have to be bad shots.
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