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This is anime, fiction, not real life. The "what can realistically be expected" line doesn't work. Not in a series with dead people talking, blowing people up via a smartphone app, penguinballs that erase people's memories, and a modern society that actually allows three children to live together without parents (strangely enough, that last one is almost the hardest to believe).

Get over it. Shouma is a wuss. I imagine there's a thematic reason why he's portrayed as such a wuss, but I don't care.

Man, I'm going to be pissed if Masako dies. Guessing not, because as seemingly dark as this show has been, very little actual death has occurred. Kanba is beyond redemption, and it saddens me to see Masako's obsession towards him. I know they're technically siblings, but I can't help but view this as the fairly typical male-female relationship in which many women end up living their lives for some man, rather than the other way around, or anything reaching equality.

Glad to see at least two people return to some modicum of sanity in peace. Hopefully Tabuki and Yuri's sham marriage/relationship can grow into something real.

As for everyone else, I hope it all ends in a nihilistic firebomb, with Ringo (and maybe Masako) as the lone survivors.

Though, I'd lol if, as someone earlier posted, Mario saves/destroys the day in the last 5 minutes. That'd be pretty damn hilarious.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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