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Am I the only one who didn't really like this episode outside of Masako? Kan using a bowling app to blow shit up was ridiculous, Himari's "death" was ridiculous. Pink haired guy is ridiculous. A ridiculous episode.

Shouma is just beyond useless, I can only think he will be a big piece of this puzzle in the last 2 episodes, I hope. Honestly, he was only tolerable when he was comic relief to Ringo's insanity, what an awful, whishy washy character. Mario has done NOTHING the entire series. You just know he's gonna end up doing something big in the next 2 episode, and I think that's stupid, he's gotten maybe 5 minutes of screen time throughout the entire series.

This is gonna either be a very jam packed last 2 episode (very possible, this show is great at throwing loads of story into single episodes), or a lot of questions will go unanswered. While I've enjoyed the last couple of episodes, I feel they could of honestly been done better, everything just seems so chaotic.
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