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The main thing is, considering this has been in production for 2 years, and they have announced the main cast, the theme song, and a general release period for the screening of the first episode, if this were a TV series, there is no reason why they wouldn't simply clarify and say so. They have nothing to hide.

If instead they are interested in promoting it as a series of theatrical events which serve to create awareness to boost DVD/BD sales after that, then it clearly falls into the OVA category.
In the west, certain cartoon series have been promoted in this way. The new Green Lantern series was promoted at comic con with a ten minute trailer and then with screenings at other comic book conventions. The aired the one hour pilot in November but the series hasn't started airing regularly yet. The new season of the Avenger's cartoon hasn't premiered yet but they've screened the first episode to some people and released a trailer.

Code Geass is probably Sunrise's second most popular franchise, now. Fans have been clamoring for new content for a while now. Maybe they are just trying to keep fans in the loop.
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