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Y'know, I just remembered something that occured to me when I saw the OP, right at 1:28 (depending on your episode source).....

Are we sure the "mysterious girl" isn't going to be the commander/person in charge? Maybe the person the commander was talking to on the phone in episode one, who ordered him obver the phone to send out the girls to fight alongside the guys?

It's just the pose she strikes in front of the screen in the command center in the OP, it feels like a person in charge, and the way her appearance is timed just after the instructors' instead of with the pilots or other characters. (she's also on the main website's top page with the rest of the top characters of the show, so she's definitely a significant character) After all, it would be repetitive if the "lurker" guy acting behind the scenes turned out to be the Diva commander again; that happened in the first series with Fudou, so it would recycling an old trick for Kawamori to do the same thing again. The OP also portrays eyepatch guy more as Mykage/Touma's counterpart, but Izumo is the Abductors' supreme commander and not Mykage.

Just one more theory to contemplate.
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