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Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
To give it more impact? And to let him feel wrong...
But if it was Kira it will be just another lose for Shin... From Freedom(He don't even know Kira)
Which will let him rage even more instead of cooling down.
Here's a thread from Seed-Forums that discuss the "what could have been": the final battle of GSD was Shinn (Destiny) vs. Kira (SFreedom) and Athrun (IJustice) vs. Rey (Legend):

Speaking of Athrun vs. Rey, I think that Mu/Neo would play a role in that battle.

At the end, Kira would more likely to win, but barely. And Athrun would be confronting Durandal at the end.

I think that this is what they should do if Sunrise decides to do a "Rebuild of Evangelion"-like remake of GSD, regardless of Fukuda/Morosawa's involvement with it or not (in this case, I would demote Morosawa to a creative consultant).
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