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But the main reason people dislike Kira in the Freedom is because he is godlike, the guy shoots down more grunts than entire armies, without any effort, and with noone being able to land a shot at him while he is standing still loading up his aimbot, aside from the three druggies and Rau.

It's not Kira's fault per say, it's the animation that makes it look like that, but that's all we've got to base our opinions on, hence why so many people dislike him in the Freedom.

we could see Kira's skill shine when he was in the strike, because it didnt have the auto-KO rainbow spam that the Freedom abused, if the animation was handled in a better way, like him evading, then firing off the rainbow burst as a quick counterattack, somewhat like he did on the missiles in episode 41/42 that the Dominion fired towards the Archangel, that would be notable, but him just flying up, wings spreading out and picking off 20 targets doesn't seem good after the second time, it looks lame
Haha true. Point taken. The production/animation team used the Freedom as an excuse to be lazy and to save animation cost. Sad indeed because when you think about it, the Freedom had the potential to be a really legendary Gundam without all that beamspam abuse.

However, in my defense, Kira owning all those grunts effortlessly is not all that illogical. Kira by that time was an experienced SEED capable pilot and he was using the most advanced nuclear powered MS at the time versus extremely clunky first gen mass production models (eg GINNs). If only the production/animation didn't choose the beamspam route...
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