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Yes, there is a bit of a problem with rifle holding but you can fix it.

I managed to do it, but my little cousin bumped it and knocked it off the shelf. Got too lazy so I glued it on. I don't like changing/moving my models around after building them so I have no qualms in gluing things in place.

Nike, I mean no disrespect but it is a bit irritating to see you repeating the comments over and over again. Don't get me wrong. I want to collect the entire series as well, but having you repeating your wishlist over and over again, in this forum, is doing nothing to persuade Bandai. Why don't you just wait and let Bandai do its thing?

If the demand is there, Bandai will make them. Bandai is milking the popular series for all its worth and if the gunpla community is indeed demanding for all those kits, they will release them sooner or later.

If you are that desperate, why don't you put your effort into writing an aggressive campaign or perhaps organise a petition to persuade Bandai into making these kits?
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