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I predicted a 16 pages flashback with the reveal Tobi=Obito at the end whereas it ended up to be a 15 pages flashback with a double page Tobi=Obito at the end so to be fair I wasn't completely right.
There is no need for super-powers, it's quite simple really: you just have to try to imagine the worse and most boringly obvious outcome you can possibly think of and you'd be unsurprised how often you'll be right.
You were right. Though i am not surprised. Gotta be surprised when you aren't right lol .

I don't agree this was the most boring outcome though. Imagine we have orichimaru and Sasuke just Ninja walking to get to where they were going ( with a few attempt at comedy here and there) or the Hokage's talking about how strong Madara is ( again). The horror of having had to deal with these scenarios.

I guess your worse scenario was the worse " realistic" scenario .
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