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In my opinion I had a strong feeling that Tobi would be Obito but the more I thought about it the two masked men are completely different individuals. People are trying to get explanation as to who "the" masked man is. I dont think Kisame and especially Itachi would be mistaken about long haired being madara. When I think about it who is a very important character towards the story and this war, and who we know the least about, the one person we're constantly forgetting, the one who could make an exact replica that could fool anyone? Zetsu, who has been with tobi since his introduction. Once we find out who Zetsu really is (as in both parts) and his secrets we'll be able to uncover the secrets behind Obito's survival and why he's where he is now. I mean Zetsu was introduced after Kakashi carried Naruto out of the VotE and we never really learned anything about him till just before the war. Zetsu's always been the secret to Tobi it's just a matter of time till we know.
yeah that zetsu is quite the mystery...
the mask man that fought minato was likely obito. i thought about it being a zetsu clone but he would a turned into said clone as we have seen him do after the raikage/bee skirmish with kisame, and during the war. also we have to consider that obito eye was being used during that fight...also he doesn't look all that grown up. that cloak seemed a bit oversized huh?
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