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i didn't say those mistakes have anything to do with tobi being obito, i don't really care about that now. we don't even know that tobi is indeed obito, it could be someone else using his body. kishi can still make this work that's why i'm holding out until he explains everything. what i'm driving at is the fact that this chapter is just plain careless. granted that kishi wrote kakashi gaiden several years ago, it's still no excuse for him to make mistakes like these. why can't he reread his old chapters just to make sure he gets the continuity right? that's what a good manga-ka would've done. the problem with writing a weekly manga is that you can't edit your past chapters to fit into your current ones, unlike when you're writing a novel. so what manga-kas usually do is make sure their current chapters fit into the ones they had already released because there's no way they could take back what they've already drawn or written. they can try to make up for them or come up with some lame excuse but this could make or break them. besides, prevention is always better than cure. he knows this so he really has no excuse. i can forgive the raikage arm thing, that was just a minor lapse, but these mistakes actually fuck up his timeline so it's different. this flashback just threw away years of information that he himself fed to us. my worry is that if he forgot about what he wrote in kakashi gaiden years ago then if indeed tobi is obito it's possible that he also forgot about the stuff he wrote about tobi, like tobi was a grown man when he fought minato, tobi was recognized by kisame as the mizukage, tobi claimed to have given nagato his rinnegan, etc. and if he forgot all about that, then you just have to question whether he planned this whole thing or not.

minato wasn't hokage yet, if he was then why would the village send their revered leader to a dangerous mission along with one young jounin and two chuunin? hokage are well-guarded and they usually stay in the village unless they really have to leave which is very rarely. why do you think jiraiya refused to become hokage? it's because he knew he'd be tied down to konoha, he hated staying in one place for too long. they went on a mission as team minato. and if minato was already hokage at that time then he wouldn't be traveling with his former team rather with his elite guard that included genma, who even learned the flying thunder god technique from minato himself.

obito is not older than kakashi, he was 13 years old when he died, he was kakashi's age, just like rin. and if you look at the drawings, they look about the same age. did you see kakashi in this current chapter? he's much taller than rin. does he look like a 5-year-old to you? he's about 11 at that time, the same age as rin and obito. obito became chuunin at 11.

hey, if it's just a minor lapse or a drawing mistake, i'd forgive it. kishi is human, he's not perfect. but these mistakes actually affect the timeline and give us confusing new info about these characters that doesn't coincide with his earlier info, so i just have to question them. only sheep follow the shepherd without question. if you have a mind of your own, if you're not blinded by your faith in something or someone, you will question everything.
2nd paragraph response:
- the same reason they were anticipating him to come fight the kyuubi...I didn't see Gemma or the elite squad there either
- hokage aren't THAT guarded. the second was out in the field with team tobirama and co when he died...

3rd paragraph:
I have never seen there ages quoted in the manga...if I have missed these please refer me and I'll concede.

4th paragraph:
If its a mistake, it's a mistake. I'm using my own mind which is why we currently disagree. I feel how u feel tho. Mistakes like these hurt the story. I just don't think a mistake was made. That could change though.
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