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as for obito being named after tobi? hmmm... i don't know. other people have jokingly argued in the past that tobi might be tobirama or even sarutobi. tobi is a common name. and tobi is not obito spelled backwards, if you spell obito backwards it's otibo.
well in japanese it is obito spelled backwards which is all that matters. and in japanese tobi isn't spelled the same way as in tobirama or in sarutobi. so tobi's name is literally only a hint about him being obito or a new character named tobi. and since we now know he is obito (to an extent at least) then that name is proven to be based on obito's name

Originally Posted by solidguy View Post
yet more questions to be can tobi survive if he sends a piece of his head to the other dimension while phasing and survive... if he phases his arm to the other dimension is it considered separated from the rest of him or can he move it?
just think of how suigetsu can turn into a puddle or orochimaru can be split in half and rejoin the halves no problem. or any ninja who transforms into anything. in this series having your body separate in any way is not that much of a hindrance to living depending on what advanced techniques you use.

if that is the case then why was deidara's arm ripped off? and why was it flung to a different location instead of staying in the other dimension?
because kakashi was still new to the technique. at first he was spiraling all of deidara's body into the other dimension with the focal point at his elbow, but when kakashi realized he didn't have enough control over kamui, he settled for just transporting deidara's elbow away. it wasn't flung to another place. it is gone forever which is why when we see deidara's elbow vs sasuke, it is made of another body and sewn together by kakuzu

why hasn't he gone blind from spamming the tech?
probably due to the 1st hokage's cells

[why do certain uchiha have completely arbitrary special techniques for their eyes such as kamui and shisui's techs? why did kisame have gills? the overall feel of how the story is going makes me think kishi is just gonna ignore answering most of the niggling mysteries....
why do any of these ninjas have magical, physics-defying techniques and bodies? because it is fiction and they are magical people. simple as that
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