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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
just think of how suigetsu can turn into a puddle or orochimaru can be split in half and rejoin the halves no problem. or any ninja who transforms into anything. in this series having your body separate in any way is not that much of a hindrance to living depending on what advanced techniques you use.
True, but the survival of the user from these body modification jutsu's are one in the same with the purposes of the jutsu. An essential element of Orochimaru's body splitting technique and Suigetsu's technique is that the user doesn't get harmed, where as Tobi's seems to be transporting matter from one dimension to another. Bar him developing another technique to survive having pieces of your brain, heart etc. being partially separated from his body I don't see how his and kakashi's technique are coherent. Which makes me think that kishi hasn't paid attention to the details, that he laid down various red herrings and actually ran with one as a sort of 'its so obvious its shocking' reveal and that he hasn't planned the story out which makes me as an invested fan worried :/. Although yeah it is a minor detail...these minor details do add up though.
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