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Food for thought:

Since the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are monotheistic and assert that there can only be one true, eternal and ever-watchful God... doesn't their place in the Raildex universe make them problematic? It seems that there is not one God--or at least that wasn't always the case(?)--so doesn't that make the core concept of the Abrahamic religions in Raildex... false? Doesn't that mean that the unique God is false, thus Christianity is false for example?

Mindfuck indeed. This hasn't been touched upon by anyone in the novel, am I right?

I have a feeling Aleister will bring it up and demonstrate that, simply by the fact that the Aeon of Isis once reigned, the Aeon of Osiris and of the singular God is not an eternal truth, thus is false, thus can be changed. Cue Laura and Pope's head exploding like in Scanners.

If so, Aleister's plan is, in part... to troll monotheism by changing the system yet again, with his own construct based on the example he saw in Aiwass

Isis: Polytheism: There are multiple gods !

Osiris: Monotheism: Nope! One True God. Totally. Really, I'm serious -__-!

Horus: Self-realization: Humans are the real gods! Gnosticism makes a comeback! :troll:
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