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Actually, If I remember right, the whole Imaginary Numbers District is supposed to be a new "heaven"... and if I remeber right, in a conversation between Aleister and Tsuchimikado, the completion of the Imaginary Numbers District will bring the destruction of the current heaven and of the current system, which is why All the magic side people would die, just like Vento lost her tongue because of Hyoka's transformation.
Nay you got it mixed up- It's not a new Heaven, Tsuchimikado corrected himself by saying something that is created by Science can't be called a Heaven. It's just a new dimension.

Also, the laws of Magic are made up of more than just the Abrahamic concept of Heaven, it's also being held together by other religions like Kabala, Buddhism, Shintoism or Hinduism etc and their individual spiritual place. You are right that the introduction of a new world would screw everything up.

However, Vento lost her tongue because Fiamma ripped half of it out It has nothing to do with Kazakiri

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I have a question... who the hell is the cat girl that appeared in the "Touma's welcoming parade" in NT vol. 2?
Nobody knows, it's a gag.
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