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Finally got around to reading the last NT novel and the side stories and I have to admit that reading the SP and the Norse Mythology ones really helps to understand more of Valkyries, dvergr and norse magic and the role they play on Index, though it also raises a lot of questions.

Does the existence of natural Valkyries prove the existence of the Norse Gods or they just work on Idol Theory? If you can alter a girl's body to artificially create a Valkyrie couldn't it be possible to do the same to create artificial Saints?

On the NT side; why are the Magic Side organizations doing nothing while Gremlin is preparing to create Gungnir and become flat-out invincible? I understand thay maybe they'are thinking that they'll wait until Academy City is destroyed or weakened but I don't think Othinus is going to stop at destroying the Science Side. Of course it's probable Laura Stuart is going to troll both Gremlin and Aleister and attack both of them but a scene or two to show they are at least aware and making plans would be nice.

Also on the subject of Saints I reread the first NT novels and noticed this in Chapter 4; Part 8 of NT 2


(Except for special cases like the Number Ten Saint, modern magicians are prohibited from a certain action. That is why I had to go up above the fortress first rather than going directly to it.)

The reason she had chosen to fall.

The reason she had not directly flown there.

Kanzaki Kaori referred to that.

There was one legend about Peter, one of the 12 Apostles. He had confronted a magician named Simon Magus who was famous for trying to buy sacred acts. When Simon had freely flown through the sky, what had Peter said?

It was...

"Oh, demons carrying this magic user, promptly let go!!"

Flight was prohibited.

That barrier existed for all magicians living in modern times.

That means of interception had spread too far due to it being simple yet both powerful and effective and due to it being based on a famous story. Thanks to that, humans were restricted by the fact that they would be brought down the instant they tried to fly without wings.
Does that means the number ten saint has wings and can ignore the limitation of flying? What do you guys think?
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