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Originally Posted by LazyHunter View Post
I would pay to see Touma's biggest fanboys duke it out thought we haven't see much of Thor yet. What's with Touma and androgynous-looking boys anyway?
Interesting observation. Maybe testosterone is the only thing that offers protection against Touma's otherwise irresistible charm. If you're low on it you'll get affected.
(Though according to this theory Kuroko would have a lot of it )

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Haha you worry too much I think I would know when I'm being indoctrinated....
Originally Posted by Stufu View Post
I don't think Misaki will fully enter the Index series
I don't see why not, she's well acquainted with the dark side of AC.

Although Kamachi implied that he already has some trouble using the current amount of active characters. He would need to make some space to use Misaki, fully as you said (there's no limit to the number of cameos or references)
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