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I think one of Index weaknesses is the large amount of characters that could be fleshed out a little more but are just forgotten in a few volumes or relegated to cameo appeareances. People like Tschumikado or Styil really need their time to shine (maybe I'm just being partial because they're some of my favorite characters)

Still I think that someone like Misaki, one of the Level 5s, could be used for something more than being the villain of the arc in the Railgun manga. Also about Railgun, though this time the new season, anyone else thinks that the sidestory where Mikoto fights Gunha would make a nice first episode. It would reintroduce the concept of levels, would make a nice reference to the plot of the first season with Kihara Nayuta and would show to anime-only viewers that there are other Level 5 like Mikoto on Academy City.
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