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I noticed you haven't watched Full Moon wo Sagashite yet. I don't know if it's on your to-do list or not, but I noticed that in your original post you asked for a short description. Sorry, I missed that before, so here goes!

Full Moon is about a 12 year old girl, Mitsuki, who has a dream that she wants more than anything: to be a singer. She has always had problems with her throat because of cancer. One day she finds two Shinigami, (gods of death), in her home. They tell her that she has one year from that day left to live. Rather than crying or going into shock, she runs away from home to try out at a local audition for a record company, convinced that there is no time to waste. Although the tryout age limit is 16 and up, she tries to put on makeup and clothes for an older girl. Obviously, that isn't going to work. The Shinigami catch up to her and tell her that they will do everything they can to help her fulfill her dream. From there the adventure starts.

Full Moon wo Sagashite is very easy to watch. It's often light-hearted and funny thanks to Takuto and Meroko, the two Shinigami who guard her.
There's also a lot of romance in the show. Mitsuki has a boy who she was separated from years ago. He confessed to love her, but she wasn't able to summon the courage to tell him the same before he left for the U.S.
She also made a promise to him before he left that they would each do their best to follow their dreams; for her, a singer, and for him, an astronomer.

Of course, nothing goes as planned.
Anyways, I hope this works for a short description and piques your interest in this great anime.
I'm currently watching Kimi ni Todoke and found it to be, at least so far, pretty cute.

I actually missed that anime, But based on what you said I think I'll give it a try after I finish Kimi ni Todoke! I'm starting to have a hard time finding good animes in this theme, so please if you think you have something that might fit the description please post it! <3
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