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Oh, very interesting! So Sybil has decided to tell Akane what's going on. Now, this could lead to her ending up breaking the system, but otherwise, really, it's a great decision. Akane's got good judgement and a calm head on her shoulders. Worst case scenario would be that they want her to join Sybil, but I don't think they will right now, because they're in dire need of capable Inspectors to use as pawns. But, what will she think of the system...? I can't imagine her liking it, but she does very much want to maintain public order, as Cytrus and others have said.

Some of Akane's angst about Kogami does confuse me a bit, though. She wants to prevent Kogami from "becoming a real killer, not just a latent criminal" no matter what...but Akane, the guy's already killed loads of people! It's just that he did that as part of the police and on government business, Sybil sanctioned. It's far too late to stop him from becoming a killer. And on the information Akane had at the time, knowing that there was a serial murderer (Makishima) whom the system could not or would not judge, who would likely murder again...Really, the choice of Kougami to try to kill him is sensible, although it does mean he's setting himself up to be killed by Sybil.

This was a good ep. Highlights were the photo of Masaoka and Gino, Akane and Shion's conversation, and Sybil's apparent plan to enlist Akane. Akane wondering about whether she's cold-hearted and Shion offering her support was excellent. Gino was interesting in this ep, too.

I thought the scene with Kougami and his mentor, particularly when Kougami pictured an imaginary Makishima taking part in the conversation, was very well executed, but I think it lacked something...probably because I don't find Makishima or the Kougami-Makishima parallels they were going on about very interesting.

Very interesting that Sybil had decided Japan didn't need intellectuals, as that has happened before in human history. They hyper-oats thing makes a lot of sense for Psycho-Pass Japanese society, too. It's no surprise at all that that Japan is so isolated, as that would be necessary for Sybil's control.
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