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Originally Posted by SlugZilla
Mangaka potentially can make much more than animator but it's harder to become a mangaka and be successful. The biggest difference between those two is ownership. No matter how successful the anime you animated becomes, an animator will still be just an animator. But if a manga becomes successful and sells a lot the mangaka becomes famous and you are almost guaranteed to be set for life, but even that is a like dream come true. Even if a mangaka by chance makes less than an animator I still think it's better being a mangaka since you have control over your work and get to use your own ideas and imagination. The animator has no control over anything, he/she is just a tool in a sense. As a mangaka you are the boss of yourself. The workload is probably as much as an animator but they get to work at home at the very least.
Mostly true. Especially if the animation is derived from previous property they have secured the rights to. So basically the animator is paid to do the job and gets no royalties. Same with the animation director. However the scriptwriter may get royalties.

But this may not be the case with original animation works. Hayao Miyazaki is a world-famous director, but he knows how to animate (Unlike Walt Disney who mostly relied on artist-bullying). And with independent creators like those who did Voices of a Distant Star / Beyond the Clouds, and Pale Cocoon / Aquatic Language, and I'm pretty sure most of the festival-grade anime shorts. The full rights lies with the creator.

Back to derivative works, now what I'm curious is how many multi-millions Ryukishi07 / 7th Expansion got and if it was similar to TYPE-MOON.
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