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Space Runaway Ideon

Thanks to 'Shinn Getter', Ive been able to get a look at the first ep of Ideon.
I was quite pleased with the pace of the first ep of Ideon, the characters are nicely introduced. You got a science team from earth excavating very large alien 'artifacts', technology from an old civilisation that was on that planet that people from earth have colonised on called Solo, namely 3 large objects that appear to be giant veichles, something which they call Ideon. Then you get the Military, noticing these large objects, halts the science team thinking there building weapons. Pretty much your standard introduction in a sci fi show . We're also introduced to the Buff Clan, an alien race with advanced technology that have been searching many planets for something called "Ide". They just happen to stop by the Planet solo.


I gotta say the show is kinda graphic with the deaths. The animation itself looks great for its time IMO. I had no problem with it. After breifly taking a glimpse throuygh ep 2, Ideon itself is huge! Looked much bigger than an Eva. Eva's can grab choppers and throw them around, Ideon cant even grab one, it ends up swatting them. Even though its huge it doesnt seem overpowered yet...

On to the next episodes!!!
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