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^BleachOD Please, please, PLEASE! Take that to another thread. I respect you for your shipping in the Bleach forums but here you're making yourself out to be pretty awful by discussing things in wrong places after being told several times.

But to answer one thing, no it's not because Alto doesn't swoon at her feet that she likes him. It's because Alto is the only person that treats her like a "real" person. I'll be more than glad to take this up with you in another thread....

Character Discussion - Sheryl Nome.



Good to see Ranka has climbed a little in the rankings. She's got 5 on Michael while Bobby is closes in for the kill. In other news Klan Klan edges Alto for 2nd. As expected, Sheryl is still on top almost double for the current #2.

Sheryl, Klan Klan, Alto, Ranka.

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All those super-emotes are annoying as hell, almost as much as a certain person putting a "lol" at every second sentence.
You should check out this thread about Bleach if you wan't more of OD's "colorful" posts.

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