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Originally Posted by chikkychappy View Post
teach me more master. i'm not knowledgable about this whole deal. what part was the mistake exactly? how did the mistake happen? what should they have done to correct this mistake? how does the conversion process work in the first place? any sources/interviews that tipped of you of this fuck-up or are you an expert that you noticed this immediately? i'm also curious because i've been a fan of the 1999 series for a decade now and this is absolutely the first time i've heard about it.
Being a fan of the series doen't make anyone an expert. You are just more passionate about what you like. So if you kindly drop the condescending tone on your post, you probably will come across a little bit better. Look, the technique used to animate has evolved for the better in many ways since the days of the previous version of Hunter x Hunter. Madhouse is generally regarded as one of the better studios who can animate shows at a pretty decent standard. Whether or not such standard is upheld for most episodes in this new version is debatable. There are certain things the 1999 version has done better, but I don't know if I can say the same about overall animation. For emotional attachment to how some of those moments that I hold in high regards in HxH, I still think the 1999 has done better. I absolutely hated how little bit of time was given in the new version to that scene where Gon would reflect his first defeat against Hisoka. I thought that episode defined the turning point for Gon's character and the new found resolve needed to ascend to the next level. Those were the type of scene that helped audience of 1999 version to develop an emotional attachment to that story and those characters. At the same time, 1999 version was painfully slow and pretty redundant at times which the new version doesn't suffer from as much.

That said, the new version is managing to capture the interest of a lot of viewers, so I would like to think it's not without merit. If you don't agree, that's perfectly fine, but please try to channel your disagreement in a manner that improve the overall discussion.
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