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Look, I never intended this to turn into an argument. All I'm presenting are the facts:

a) Nippon Animation's Hunter x Hunter is unusually dark; even when compared to its contemporaries. That is no a "stylistic choice".
b) Nippon Animation has instances of scenes constantly flashing and animation stuttering. That is not a "stylistic choice".
How are these even facts? How do you even know these things?

Rurouni Kenshin OVA is darker than Yuyu Hakusho, isn't this an stylistic choice? Yuyu Hakusho was darker than Card Captor Sakura, was this a mistake as well? Card Captor Sakura was darker than Akazukin Cha Cha, what of it? What is dark enough, what is "too dark"?

I've asked you over and over again to explain how you can possibly think that an experienced director who just came from doing one of the most critically-acclaimed OVAs and was then working on one of the top-rating series at the time could have made such an elementary mistake.

This is a big claim. Back it up.

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