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Not being able to see what's happening.
Cool, but I disgaree.

We saw what was happening clearly enough and most fans agree. Actually your opinion is the clear minority here (or should I say ---- rarity). Everyone else found no problems with this so I really think it's not a "fact."

The director is not solely responsible for film editing. Nippon Animation has never been known for their quality productions (apart from select works from World Masterpiece Theater).
Yes, the director is not responsible for the details of the animated work. But I will also bet to hell that he has something to say about the visual COMPOSITION of the series, something that is very basic and is fixed throughout the series. Besides, what of the rest of the staff members? What about Fuji TV who aired this?

Nippon Animation may not have made the most popular or "best quality" animes. But that does not automatically imply that they fucked-up something as basic as series composition for HxH. That's quite a quantum leap you made. You need more facts before you make this claim because one does not necessarily imply the other.

I find it hard to believe you would honestly defend ANIMATION STUTTERING as anything other than a fuck up, but hey - give me some time. All I can present you with are clips from the original series that show signs of shoddy production, if you want something more, then let me search for it.
Again, no one has ever even brought-up the "animation stuttering" claim so I don't see why it's unbelievable that I'm defending it.

May I also know how it is a "fuck up" in the first place? I thought I knew but it's kind of vague now. Did they fuck just the dark scene up? But you brought-up Machi and Nobunaga so I thought you were referring to the composition of the series as a whole.

If you're referring to just the scene in York Shin - you might see it that way and it's cool, but let me point-out that 99% of people who have seen the 1999 series don't think the same. In fact it was never a problem until, coincidentally, the last episode was aired or close to airing. For the rest of the nine years I have been a fan ---- nope, never heard of it. Most people praised the dark approach of Nippon Animation.

If you're referring to the series as a whole - they won't make this elementary mistake. No way. Furuhashi, Nippon Animation, Shueishia (who has so many experience in anime adaptations), Fuji TV and other experienced members of the anime staff involved. Nope.

It was good. I would agree with you that the fight scene fell flat if it wasn't for the fact that it was ALMOST IDENTICAL to Nippon Animation's. As mentioned, time and time again, the ONLY difference was how dark Nippon Animation's was and I would be willing to bet a hell of a lot that that was not a stylistic choice. The pitch black massacre at the auction was not a stylistic choice. The animation stuttering and SEIZURE-INDUCING FLASHING was not a stylistic choice.
I personally believe that the difference is not merely on the lighting of the room. The animation of 1999 is much superior, 2011 was outsourced to Koreans. It is much more fluid while 2011 consisted of so many static and frames from weird angles. The choreography is much better and clearer in 1999 too.

The art is superior in 1999 as well. Danchou, Zeno and everyone else were drawn better. Silva looks especially ugly. But then again, 1999's design has always been far superior to 2011's.

Music is much better in 1999. The orchestral "Requiem's Aranaea" (if i'm not mistaken) is too in-your-face and had no subtlety about it all. The Zoldyck theme isn't much better. In fact I was soooo relieved when they didn't use these in episode 51 and chose Lacrimosa and something else instead. Those were more fit for the mood.

Other elements were better as well. There was greater sense of suspense when Danchou revealed his book and used Owl's ability. It fell flat and did not have much impact in 2011. The set-up of Zeno and Silva finding Danchou is also better in 1999.

I also believe that the dark room set the mood much better, just like the Hisoka-Gon scene in the Hunter Exam.

Anyway, that's my view on why I believe 1999 is much superior in the fight. The difference for me is like night and day. When we talk about the requiem it is close with 2011 winning, but not this time. 1999 = 11/10, 2011 = 4/10
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