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As much as I'd like to see some GSD suits get the RG treatment, they're unlikely to happen unless we see a GSD remaster, probably next year. A safer bet is, say, Providence?

Ah, those annoying Sleeves markings. I use a white paint marker to add details on some of my kits, and I'm planning to do the same for the Rozen Zulu. I use a few layers so I don't use silver as a base, but I guess I'm an amateur painter.
I guess that's true. But we do have all of Kira's suits in RG minus the Strike Freedom which I think is kind of a given considering how popular it is. Then we have the RG Justice that just came out with the MG Aegis. So maybe we will see a RG Aegis, then later an RG Infinite Justice?

Then I think if we get a Seed Destiny Remaster (which I don't see why they wouldn't since it'd give Bandai an excuse to release the episodes on overpriced BluRay which people will buy in, we will see Shinn's suits in RG..

Or am I being too crazy?
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