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Originally Posted by gunn
how many off you think school is ok or crap they make you do lesons you dont like and some you like prsonaly ifucking hate school
Uh... It's hard to take someone asking a question about education seriously when he/she spells multiple words wrong in one sentence.

Since I've gone through middle, high and a decent amount of college I'll tell you what school is good for.

Elementary school, coordination and precision/precedures.

Middle school, Basic math and writing.

High school, social skills.

High school is a big place where you gather a bunch of hormone filled kids in one place and make them get along with each other. Other than that, all the vital things you've pretty much learned in the two previous schools.

Also, you don't hate what you're good at(although in some cases you find it so boring because you are too good at it) so I'm going to guess your grades aren't the best... school isn't too bad. In fact after going to college you'll miss how easy it was.

Everyone says to themselves "I don't wanna goto school... it sucks..." but we do it anyway. Bite the bullet and get it done. You'll regret it big time if you don't.
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