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Originally Posted by Tokkan View Post
I think this misses the point. Lelouch killing for revenge is not out of his character, he's consumed by his rage at this point. It's to be expected.

Suzaku going this far is WAY out of his character, it's totally unexpected. The shock of it causes people to be more focused on it. Suzaku not only betrayed Nunnally's trust big time, he did something Lelouch didn't expect of him. You see, the reason Lelouch isn't worried about Kallen that much is because he still trusts Suzaku to treat her well. That's why he's okay with Suzaku being with Nunnally for now. This just shows that Suzaku is much more despicable than any of the characters in the show know him to be.

They're both wrong, but Suzaku just showed he's not worthy of the trust the in-universe people place in him.
Out of character? He traded Lelouch and helped get Lelouch's memories rewritten. I feel what he's doing is pretty smart actually and in character besides isn't there a war going on?
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