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Originally Posted by Silver Soul View Post
You’re forgetting that to Geass fans whatever Lulu does is a-ok! He could order the death of a bunch of britannian babies and the fans (well fangirls) would love him just the same.

It’s called bias, this show is full of it. What most of these blinded fans haven’t probably realized yet is that Lulu and Suzaku, for the most part, are two sides of the same coin if you will. And as the show moves along they’re getting more and more the same.
I had a friend whose life was wrecked completely and who ended up dead because of drugs. I can relate to this. Therefore when i see that fag Suzaku attempting to force them on someone i want him dead. This is just from personal experience because i know what the consequences are first hand. To me his actions are completely inexcusable and unjustifiable. He needs to die.
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