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Schödinger's cat is an illustration of quantum theory. You have a cat in a box, with a mechanism to kill it at a random time - completely random, in a millisecond or in a million years. The box is hermetic. Having no information about what's inside, the cat is in a state of flux: not alive, not dead, since you don't know. Once you open the box, that state of flux is over: you've observed and therefore perturbed the system, but gained information - but you don't know the state of the cat before you opened the box. The cat could have died, found Beatrice's gold, ate Maria's rose, pooped on each of the stakes' and the siestas' heads individually and turned itself inside out for all you know. All you know is what you observed, and when you observed you disturbed the system, possibly modifying the result. Meaning human consciousness can theoretically have an effect on the universe.
That's the theory.
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