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Originally Posted by Apathy View Post
I never really understood the Schrodinger's cat theory. Ehe.
The schrodinger's cat theory is used in Umineko as a visual theory to determine a case with several truths.
Walgiria explained that until the "box is open", the cat may or may not be alive (she used the example of a cathode ray tube of a television, which may or may not contain a gremlin). In a case where you don't have any confirmation, several statements can be considered as "truth" until you actually open the box.
This is very different to the "probatio diabolica" as you force the fact that a fact cannot be discarded as long as there is no proof against that fact. In the schrodinger theory, you are actually allowing several truths to be real, and they decrease in numbers over time, as you probably gather more and more clues/points about the case, thus, like said earlier, the observation is lead to have consequence to a said unclear case.

So, in Beato and Battler witty battle, BOTH magic and science sides are true until any of the side deliver the smashing blow.

Originally Posted by kj1980 View Post
The red colored texts mean that the witches' and their minions' statements are true. Uncolored text are opinions.
I would say that these can also be conclusion, deduction and even facts, though beato herself says they "may not" be the truth.
Come to think of it, I wonder how this will be done in anime form? Red texted Japanese subtitles?
Either that, or Beato will have a "funny" voice for such lines... kinda.
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