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Originally Posted by Var View Post
You're inverting an idea of survival instinct to justify a desire to die? What? Dieing is not an instinct, it is a desire. No entity instictually wants to die, they do however instinctually want to survive. That is fact of life. Dragging people down to hell, who had no desire to die, just because you did, is not the same as killing people in order to survive.

A person who takes the future of one person really does not deserve to themselves have a future, taking it of hundreds of people just digs a deeper hole.
In C.C's case I personally would call it instict. And what is instict? A great desire for something... . Live instict only works, if you'r afraid of dead. As being immortal and living + suffering for centuries, desire to die becomes instict.
This is my opinion and result of rational thinking.

And as said, C.C did not take the lives, she was merely a factor to that loss. It wasn't inevitable. Because things turned out like this, doesn't mean she was at fault. She can't forecast the future!

What you'r implying is that, if you were to toss a rock for 2 meters, would make you quilty for a murder that happens after 2years. Just because trowing the rock caused the beginning of the very process.
Maybe C.C was aware that spredding the curse would result into this, but that wasn't inevitable. Eitherway I doupt C.C wanted to make every one suffer. She merely wished for her existence to end forever.
In this you gotta either judge her intention or judge her by result of the procces she began even with out knowing the result at all.
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