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I think we can all agree that there will be some kind of twist in the coming final episode. Not just the revelation that the game will now have choices. Something that will make us all say: “ah! I should have seen this coming! Brilliant!”.
I think you mean we hope there will be some kind of should-have-seen-this-coming resolution. It's equally probable at this point that we will get a "That's it, huh..." ending (at least for a portion of the reader base).

Granted, it's probably impossible to please everyone. But he's catered to, teased at, and thrown out shout-outs to mystery fans the whole way through the story. To turn around and tell them they were barking up the wrong tree is a bit more than a betrayal of those readers. It's basically teasing them for liking the genre the author pretended to like too.

There's a lot of things ryukishi can get away with in the name of literature, but there's a remarkably small number of things he's actually set himself up to permissibly get away with. A "no culprit, it was a coincidental and tragic accident spun out of hand" ending is not impossible, but he hasn't properly established the literary framework to make it acceptable. So yes, I think some people would be rightfully disappointed, and I don't think it's because they're looking at things in some shortsighted or incorrect way.
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