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Dear God, I hate to make my recent posts so negative (I'm not trolling, trust me), but this makes me want to drop this series.

Sawako needs to just freaking say she loves him. TWO WORDS ("suki desu") would more-or-less fix everything, but she just sits there and stays quiet. Kazehaya's much to blame too. He doesn't understand Sawako's tears, the bastard.

It makes me rage A LOT. Sawako and Kazehaya both throwing themselves separate pity-parties is just pathetic.

Kent > Kazehaya at this point for me, if only because he's not only a nice guy, but also seems to care for Sawako's feelings, to boot. On the surface, he's really laid back, but I get the impression he really does care. Kazehaya, on the other hand, is so preoccupied with himself currently that he's blind to what Sawako's feeling. Grrrrr. I can't believe Kazehaya actually thinks that Sawako would cry if she WASN'T in love with him. What a moron.

I'm not going to drop this series. Yet. However, if we don't come out of this pit of melodramatic bullshit soon (as in the next 3-4 episodes), I swear to God I'm gonna drop it.
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